Kamen Rider Climax Heroes 4 or Fourze!

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes is apparently one of the most popular fan service game I’ve ever seen. Despite debuting in 2009, now it has entered its 4th sequel, Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze!



For now, the only confirmed released will be in PSP platform, it is not sure if they’ll produced it for Wii or any other consoles and platforms. It’ll be set released for Winter Sale this December 2011.


For this edition of the Climax Heroes game, they have included new gaming elements in commemorative of the new Series of Fourze as well as the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider.
In addition to that, they’ve included several memorable showa riders as a playable character.
The riders are: Ichigo(#1), Niigo(#2), V3, Amazon, Black and Black RX. Other than that, they also include some memorable rider villains of all time, Shadowmoon as one of the bosses of the game. It also seems that he is a playable character via level completion unlocking needed.
Aside from that, the characters from the previous Climax Heroes game are still available and had their attacks upgraded. They’ll also include a 2 vs 2 stage, giving more chances to play with other friends

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