AwesomeTVMsia Gone Silent!!!!!! [Translations]

Here it is. First off, I wanna say this will be our last vid until Spetember. Right now we are fasting. We can make vids, but we’re not promising it. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Special thanks for FilmRiot for their inspiration!!!!

Amar, Fadal and Zammel came to Hamzah’s house. They open the door and calls him.

Fadal: Where’s Hamzah?

Amar: Upstairs? Maybe?

Fadal: Let’s go.

They went upstairs, while Amar calls Hamzah’s name like a……. I don’t know. Fuck. Then they open the door, and sees Hamzah playing his Mac.


The 3 of them are shocked.

Amar: What the hell happened to him?

(from now on every words that appear on screen will be translated)

Tak ada bunyi = No voice?!

Zammel stares at the camera…….silently………

Kenapa tak ada bunyi? = Why he has no voice?

Fadal looks at Zammel, who suddenly wears a hat.

Cantik topi! = Nice hat!

Ni mesti ada orang sabotaj kita! = Maybe someone’s sabotaging us!

Ada orang tak puas hati ngan kita! = Maybe someone’s hate us so much!

Ada orang tak puas hati dengan kita! Sebab itu dia sabotaj kita! = So that means someone hated us and he must be sabotaging us!!!!

Mana Zammel? = Where’s Zammel?

Zammel crawls around, and smiles at the camera.

🙂 = 🙂 LOL

Aku tahu cara nak dapatkan suara balik = We have to think to get our voices back! (Literally Hamzah meant: I know how to get our voices back!)

Everybody sat down and thought of a way to get their voices back. Well almost everyone!


Hamzah, Fadal and Zammel are shocked. Amar punches Fadal. Then Fadal curses around.

*#$%#! = Up to you to decide……..

Ini mungkin satu cara untuk dapatkan suara balik! = Maybe this is the way to get our voices back?

Kita nak test kat siapa!?! = Who’ll be the test subject!?!

DIA!!!! = HIM!!!!!

Amar and Fadal makes a silent evil laugh……….

Zammel grabs Hamzah, and Fadal punches him.

5 minutes later………

Tak jadi pun! = Doesn’t work dude!!!



Amar, Hamzah and Zammel are shocked……

Let’s Go!!!

Kawan! = Mate!

See that?

Fadal pushed Hamzah and Hamzah fell down the stairs. Then Hamzah lay on the ground, dead. Amar chokes Fadal.


Amar and Fadal shocked, but Hamzah is still ‘dead’. Zammel force choking Fadal.

Apa yang kau cuba nak buat? = What are you trying to do?

Zammel force choke Amar….. doesn’t work. He force chokes Hamzah, Hamzah is wounded by the force!

Zammel’s idea also didn’t work. They gave up their hopes and dreams……

Amar and Fadal drag Hamzah downstairs…….

Lepas ni kita dah tak boleh buat video lagi dah! = We can’t make more AwesomeTVMsia anymore……….

Wuu wuu………Wuu wuu wuu…….

Danial steps in, and saw them crying. He then takes a remote, and press the “UNMUTE” button.

Fadal: AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!? We have our voices back?


Danial press the “rewind” button, and everything reversed.


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