Kamen Rider Fourze Rumored Episode Summaries


As the premier of the 13th Heisei Kamen Rider series comes to a close, we recently got information regarding the rumors on Kamen Rider Fourze‘s first few episodes. This features Gentaro’s acquisition of the Fourze Driver and his travels in space.


Please take rumors with a grain of salt!

Episode 1: Youth Switch On!
One day, an unthinkable bad boy transfers to Amanogawa High School. He aims to befriend every single student attending to the school. But the school is filled with weird people and this task is harder than it seems. He’s suddenly called out by his classmate,Kengo Utahoshi.


Episode 2: I’m Kamen Rider!
After Gentaro saved Kengo, he entrusts the Astro Switches to Gentaro. A girl by the name of Yuuki Joujima catches a glimpse of Gentaro fighting as Fourze. Later, Gentaro is taken to outer space.


Episode 3: Let’s Fly, Launcher!
Gentaro creates the Kamen Rider club. However, Kamen Rider Fourze itself is supposed to be a secret. Thus he’s not even allowed to say that Fourze is a Kamen Rider. Gentaro who’s not happy about that decides to hold an assembly in front of the whole school to spread the word of his club. A mysterious man holding a switch was seen standing in the corner of the gym.


Kamen Rider Fourze will premier on September 4th.


Source: 2ch via Freesia of HJU

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