Kamen Rider Fourze: SPACE HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

It’s actually his trademark: Uchuu Kita (Space Hell Yeah or something), like Kamen Rider W’s Saa, Omae no Tsumi wo Kazoero (Now, count your sins) or Den-O’s Ore Sanjou (I’ve Arrived!). Now, now. What we have here is more scans of our favorite Rider (at least I am), so enjoy! Most of these scans shows the weapons, villains and even how Gentarou Kisaragi will henshin into Fourze!

What you see above is Fourze’s Rider Kick: Rocket Drill Kick. He will utilize Switch 1 and 3, Rocket Arm and Drill Leg, respectively. He first jumps in the air, and use the drill to pierce his enemy while using the rocket to boost its acceleration. Learn physics guys!

BTW, for those of you wondering who the heck got kicked by Fourze, it’s the Orion Zodiarts, the first Monster of the Week (MOTW). Zordiarts are the main villain of the series.


Next up is Kamen Rider Fourze with his bike, Machine Masshigler. He looks like he’s going to use the bike to……ram the Zodiart?! Man that’s what they call brutal. On the right is the image of Switch 1: Rocket and Switch 3: Drill.


Above are two more switches, Switch 5: Magic Hand and Switch 4: Radar

What you see is Switch 2: Launcher. He will launch, well missiles. For those of you who wondered what the missiles look like, it’s the above pic where Switch 4&5 is shown. Damn, the missiles is cute!!!

Kamen Rider Fourze, fighting Scorpio Zodiart. Man, I am a scorpio! Oh well, each time I look at Fourze, he’s cuter & cuter! He looks like a baby that’ll never grown up! Ohh baby Rider…….

How’ll Gentarou will henshin into Fourze? The pic is the answer. Jefusion said it is Gurren Lagann inspired, which I haven’t watch it yet.

A scene from the upcoming Kamen Rider OOO WONDERFUL film: Gentaro first appeared out of suit before transforming into Fourze.

So what do you think? Me? Fourze, I’ll be watching you!!!!!





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