More and More and More and More Kamen Rider Fourze Merchandise BIATCH………

Hey are you guys getting crazy with the SH Figuarts, Fourze toys last night? Well prepare to live in the mental hospital coz this one’s gonna blow your ARSE and MIND up!!!!!!

Bandai loves fast foods. So does we! So they wanted to make us super fat again with these FooDroids! Most of these (currently confirmed) FooDroids are based on fast foods, not space foods like rumored earlier. These are the first three FooDroids that’ll make you hungry:

  1. BurgerMeal – transforms into a burger
  2. Potachikin – transforms into a french fries
  3. Furaseki – transforms into a soda drink
So if you wanna enjoy Fourze more, buy these and ‘eat’ it while watching Fourze!
Next up, the real deal vitches…….
We have a nice big spread featuring the DX Fourze Driver. It will feature a 7 color LED in the main base, with four different switch spots for the four limbs of his body. Pull the lever to transform. To activate the sounds, press down the switch you are activating to hear  “_____ On!” depending on what you picked. Third, press the switch AND pull the lever to activate the final attack, known as the Limit Break. The belt will retail for ¥6,500 and will be released September 3rd.Next up, in the corner, is your new crack and stress inducing item, the Astro Switch Sets! Shown are four Sets, each with two Switches and a Ganbaride card. Due to the size of the scan, it’s hard to tell what Switches come with which set, but stay tuned for
further news. Each set is ¥750, and will be released in September, October, November, and December.
Next up we have a nice spread of what sort of hellish gimmick you’ll be falling into this time! The left shows the four main Astro Switches, and what weapons they provide. The right shows the main Astro Switches again, some Candy Toys, an example of the Module Change Switch, and a little graph that shows the fact that Bandai are greedy little people that want to sell even MORE than OOO did. Yeah, good luck with that.
Next up is the typical action figure line for this series. We’ve had WFC, we’ve had OCC, now we have FMCS…Fourze Module Change Series. The first release will be Fourze Base States, featuring Fourze with the main four Switches. He will be released in September. The second release will be Elec States, his electric form. This one will include four new weapons, including Billy the Rod, which we’ll look at later. He will release in October. The third due up is Fire States, coming with four more modules, including the Hi-Hat Gun. Fire States will release in November. Each FMCS announced retails for ¥2800.At the bottom is the Fourze Rider Hero Series figures, the first three being Fourze Base States, Fourze Elek States, and Fourze Fire States. Each RHS figure retails for ¥800. Base will release in September, Elek in October, and Fire in November. Also hanging out in September is the Punch Fighter for Fourze. It’s a punching bag that gets released every year. It’s ¥2300.
Lastly, we will get Kamen Rider Fourze’s answer to OOO’s Medal Holder, the Astro Switch Gaban. Anyway, the case opens up to hold 10 Astro Switches, and includes 1 Astro Switch with the case. And since Fourze is said to have 40 Switches, expect him to carry four of these.
So guys, pray to God for everything. I wanted to get this stuff, but it may be very late, because Malaysia right now is airing Kiva, and usually the current season’s merchandise is cheaper and easier to get. Don’t let this make you hate Fourze, expect it to be used in a good way! Later, vitch!!!!

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