Kamen Rider Fourze Toy Catalogs!!!

This is the first post that has nothing to do with SH Figuarts! Well I did say I’ll cover Fourze up right?

It is said that Fourze will have more forms, and forms will be called ‘States’ like OOO did with ‘Combos’. Below are two new toys that belong to Fourze’s respective forms.

Each of Fourze’s weapon is called ‘Modules’ and this Module is called Hi-Hackgun for the red Fire State. It will be released this November 2011








This Module is called Billy the Rod for the yellow Electric State. This one will be released in October 2011.








In addition, Fourze’s Base State (the white form we seen earlier) and all of his switches, belt will be released in late August 2011. So stay tuned to Fourze guys!

Above pic is for his bike, the Machine Masshigler and Power Dicer, the yellow thing. Both of these things can combine to make an AutoVajin-like robot to support Fourze. They will be released in August.

In addition, if Double has Memory Gadgets, OOO has Candroids, Fourze will have his own support robot called the FooDroids, which was based on “space food”(?). Although no scans, they said that so far the FooDroids are Bagameal, Potachokin and Furasheki.

And so this is it for Fourze. While I’m really looking forward to Fourze, I didn’t really liked the fact that he has more forms. I thought ‘form changing’ gimmick this year will be the weapons, like his Rocket Puncher. Oh well, time will tell. Later!

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