AwesomeTVMsia: Drug, Drinking and Smoking Sucks! [Translations]

I’ve tried to post a link for a translation of AwesomeTVMsia’s vid, but many people complain that it didn’t appear. I try to post it here, and give a link.

Drug, Drinking and Smoking Sucks! : 

TRANSLATION of Drug, Drinking and Smoking Sucks!!!!


African-American wannabe – Rashdan (He’s an Indian)


SengalBoy plays as the patient’s friend
Fadal plays as the patient.
Hamzah plays the doctor.
Rashdan plays the…….NURSE?!

We see a doctor treating his patient.

SENGALBOY: Good day, doctor. My friend here, he’s sick. But I don’t know what the hell is the disease……. Can you ask him?

HAMZAH: So, what brings you here?

FADAL: Uhh…’s been 3 days my head hurts……

Hamzah, instead of writing reports, play a tic-tac-toe.

HAMZAH: Okay, head hurts……

FADAL: And it also hurts at the knees…….


FADAL: And my stomach is also spinning……And my friend here told me to come and see you.

Hamzah wins the tic-tac-toeHamzah check his hand, and slaps it because Fadal is to stubborn


Hamzah wrotes another report, and calls in the nurse.

NURSE: What can I do, doctor?

HAMZAH: Can you take the medicine?

NURSE: All right.

The nurse opens up the cabinet, and saw two bottles. One labelled “Acid” while another labelled “Not Acid”.

NURSE: Oh na na (ala Rihanna’s What’s My Name), what is the name of it…….. Acid, maybe?

NURSE: Here you go doc.

HAMZAH: Thanks.

SENGALBOY: What’s that, doc?

HAMZAH: None of your business boy.

The doctor gives the acid to the patient. The patient is eager to eat it.

SENGALBOY: Don’t be such a kid man, just eat it already!

Fadal eats the acid.

FADAL: Doc, I feel………AWESOME!!!!

HAMZAH: See that? Did you see that?! I told you: I AM THE GREATEST DOCTOR EVVVVVAHHHH!!!!!!!

SENGALBOY: Since when?

HAMZAH: A moment ago, you didn’t hear it.


SENGALBOY: Doc? What the hell has happened?!

SengalBoy points at Fadal who lays on the ground. Hamzah notices that the medicine is acid.

HAMZAH: OMG……the drug……….we got the wrong drug!!!!



The three main AWESOMEmers play as people who enjoy themselves in the club, sharing one bottle of alcoholic drink (mineral water). Fadal then told them “It’s clubbing time………” while drunk, and the 3 AWESOMEmers dance.

After partying, Fadal want to pee.

FADAL: Man…… I’m gonna pee……….

HAMZAH: Dude, hold on…….. this is my room man…….

FADAL: Then, where can I throw my wee-wee?

Fadal pees at Hamzah.

HAMZAH: Goddammit you’re pissing at me, bitch!!!!!


Rashdan is smoking, then suddenly Fadal notices it, and punches him.

FADAL: Smoking?!

Fadal keeps punching Rashdan, until SengalBoy arrives and asks what’s going on.

FADAL: He smokes. Not cool, bro.


SengalBoy pulls a gun, and points it at Rashdan.

SENGALBOY: How dare you smoke that shit? DIE.

SengalBoy shoots Rashdan. Then Fadal and SengaBoy breaks the 4th wall, saying that smoking kills.

Then we were shown words that when translated it says:

Don’t smoke, drink, or taking drugs. It brings trouble to our life.



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