SH Figuarts August and September 2011: EPIC!!!!!

Even though they just revealed some Figuarts and estimated release dates, there’s more! Here’s what surprise us! Most of it are revealed a while ago but there’s still some AWESOME surprise! First up:

Remember when I was complaining that Bandai didn’t plan on make new Sentai Figuarts on August release? Well here’s the thing: They heard my wish and decided to make:

SH Figuarts Gokai Red!!!! For those of you who follows Riders, Rangers and Rambles, you might know that there’s a custom Sh Figuarts Gokai Red but this one is GOD DAMN REAL!!!! This makes me cry of happiness…….. as I couldn’t even say a word about his epicness!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of his EPIC photos below:


As you can see, he comes with Gokai Saber and Gokai Gun, he also said to come with (not pictured) his Mobirates and Rangers Keys!

He also comes with this steering wheel for Gokai Galleon, his zord.

Did I like it? YEAH!!!! I’ve been wishing for more Sentai Figuarts and now it is granted! Should Gokai Red is a success, they will likely release more and more Sentai Figuarts!!!!

He will be released in late September 2011. So you should pre-order this guy when pre-order comes out. He’ll costs 3500 yen!

One thing I would like to point out, they will certainly release Red and 6th warriors of Sentai and others will end up as exclusives. So expect Gokai Silver soon.

Again, THANKS BANDAI!!!!!! Please make more Sentai Figuarts!!!!!

Second up: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Combo!!!!

EPIC BARNEY ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! The most likely the final form of OOO is here! He was announced earlier, and now he will be released in late August 2011 at the price of 3200 yen!

 He comes with Medagaburyuu in both Axe and Bazooka Mode.

I will most likely buy him, but his looks doesn’t really look like a Final Form to me…….

Time will grow and until then, I can decide whether to buy him or not.

Third: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki & Dragreder Set!

Like I said earlier, this is Bandai’s striking back to figma and those who bought figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. figma figures are good, but I don’t really like them though. Anyway, this is Ryuki, and not only Ryuki, but Dragreder as well!!!

As for accessories, he came with an Advent Deck, 5 Advent Cards, and a special stage for Dragreder as well as Ryuki’s Rider Kick.

He’ll be released in late August 2011 with a price of……… 3800 YEN?! AWESOME!!!!!! Check out his epic gallery below:


Next: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Amazon!

A~MA~ZON!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, seriously it’s a little annoying now. Here’s the official image of SH Figuarts Amazon, the second Showa Rider Figuart to be released.

 He comes with an alternate scarf (wind blow), two belt attachments, and an effect part for imitating his DaiSetsudan!!!

He will be released in late September 2011 and costs about 3150 yen.

Be sure to get your pre-orders now! I’ll definitely pre-order Gokai Red and PuToTyra Combo!


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