New Kamen Rider Game for Nintendo DS: All Kamen Rider Generation!!!!!

Ready for somethin’ epic? Are you ready? You sure? Well here it is:

 This is All Kamen Rider Generation! A new Kamen Rider game made for  NDS as well as the official 40th anniversary game. The game will features  ALL RIDERS which is from Ichigo to OOO! Surprised? There’s more!!! You  can also  use ALL of their forms such as OOO TaJaDor Combo! However  this game is most likely feature MAIN RIDERS only, but that’s just my  thought…………….

The game will be released on August 4, 2011 with a price of 5040 yen. Expect CSToys to sell it.

About the game, it’s a side-scrolling game that features Riders in super deformed style battling various members of enemies like Shocker or Imagins. You can choose 2 of your favourite Riders and let the battle begin!

As for my favourite characters, Decade is surely on the top list. Hope he gains the main attention in this game…… as for other favourite, it’s #1, BLACK RX, ZO, Kuuga, Agito, Blade, Kabuto and OOO!!!!!!


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