SH Figuarts August-September News!!!

Even though July-August Figuarts sale are already revealed, they still have a lot more surprise for us! This is mostly for August release, however some are slated to be in September release.

1) Sh Figuarts KR OOO PuToTyra Combo – OOO’s final form which is a modified version of Barney. I’ll definitely get him, since he’s OOO’s final form! Despite not looking like a final form, he’s still epic. Just like Barney was made for adult fans. He will be release in August, costs ¥3,360. Expect him in my hands soon….

2) SH Figuarts KR Kaixa – The prick. Yes, he’s a prick. This dick got pleaded by fans after Faiz was announced. Faiz and Kaixa fans are sure to get this guy for ¥3,645. He comes with 4 variations of his belt, his weapon, gun phone and punchy fist.

3) Sh Figuarts Amazon – A~MA~ZON!!!!!! We know he was announce earlier, and he will be slated for release in September. That’s all.

4) SH Figuarts KR OOO TaMaShii Combo – The first movie exclusive form of OOO. He’s so AWESOME!!!! Unfortunately, he’s an EXCLUSIVE. Get it? Don’t? Fine. EXCLUSIVE. There, that should be enough. Costs ¥3,000 at Tamashi Festival similar to Joker, so expect him to be re-release in February 2012.

  This is for September Exclusives. Here’s the list:

1) S.H.Figuarts Birth CLAWs Set -3,150yen

2) S.H.Figuarts Kazari -3,465yen

  • 3) S.H.Figuarts Shinken Yellow -3,675yen
  • 4)S.H.Figuarts Shinken Pink- 3,675yen
  • 5) S.H.Figuarts Silver Fang Wolf Knight Zero -4,725yen
That’s all for now. Again no new Sentai. Sure, Shinkenger is there but I’m not quite satisfied……..
Hope September-October release features new Sentai.

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