SH Figuarts: July and August Release News!!!!!

It’s been a long time, isn’t it? Anyway, this one is a blast. I never thought it would be so awesome. I am disappointed a bit but whatever, let’s get though this anyway….

No, this ain’t Figmas. If you look closely at the hip joints, it’s a Figuart. Yeah, Bandai was pissed that figma Dragon Knight easily beat the craps of other Figuarts. So, form an alliance with the Empire to strike back with: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki and Dragreder Set. No, this is not a seperate release, but simply one Figuart. To further kicks Figma’s Ass aside from including the Dragreder, it’s a RETAIL RELEASE. Well played, Bandai, well played. Anyway he costs ¥3,800.

I like it. I was hesitant to pick figma ones but this came out. I really hope Wing Kni- err, I mean Knight, features a cloth, but better cape. I don’t know if I going to pick this up, since I was opposed to Final Form Figuarts……  Technically I hate Shinji and Adam, but Kit’s cool, and the onlything I really want is the Dragreder.

On the side is the silhoutte of…. A~MA~ZON!!!!! He will be the second Showa Riders to be released. It’s still unknown about this guy. Next is none other than Kamen Rider AccelBooster, the REAL Final Form of Accel.  I was going to pick AccelTrial, but after seeing pictures of this new yellow form, I decided to abandon it and wait for this instead….. As for AccelBooster, he’s a Tamashii Web Exclusive and costs ¥3,675.

I’m very interested with AccelBooster. His headsculpt design is top notch. As for Amazon, maybe I will get him, since Showa Riders didn’t have Final Forms (sans Stronger), so yeah. Well, it is decided. I’ll be getting ALL the main Riders and the MAIN SECONDARY RIDERS as well as ALL FINAL FORMS. Enough rambling, let’s move on!!

Click on the picture to see the full size. You need it.

This one makes me cry. For being happy and sad. Bandai really wants money now, so they make all this BADASS Figuarts.

1) SH Figuarts Kamen Rider G Den-O. A Tamashii Web Exclusive. With this being made, it’s possible for them to make Den-O Figuarts now, since they have the base molding. He comes with his pass and 3 versions of PAINTED Den-Gasher: Pieces, Jitte and Gun Mode!!! I enjoyed this character in Episode Yellow, and probably going to get him since my DiEnd Complete has been asking for a partner to pose…… Well, price is ¥3,465 and he’ll be released in August.

2) SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo/ 1 (The Showa Version). Normal release!!!! What’s best about this classic badass is that he has EFFECT PARTS!!!!! Like DiEnd Complete, Niigo (First) has been asking for Ichigo. So this means I’ll have to get BOTH Ichigos. Release in July, ¥2,800.

3) SH Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO ShaUTa Combo. Sha~Sha~ShaUTa, Sha~Sha~ShaUTa!!! He’s finally revealed, and include 2 sets of Unagi (Eel) Whips. I’ll probably get this guy after I get TaToBa and Final Form of OOO. Release in July, costs ¥3,200.

4) SH Figuarts Ankh, TaJaDol(?) Effect Parts and Uva Greeed!!!! This three are Tamashii Web Exclusives. Ankh includes 3 hands: relaxed, Medal holding and popsicle. Release in July, costs  ¥1,500. TaJaDol, or rather TaJaDor (yay…) will include wings, energy feathers and talons. All of this are for effect parts. I would’ve preferred this as SHF TaJaDor DX Set, making this more worth it to buy. Set will be released in August via Tamashii Web Shop, priced at ¥2,100. Last but not the least, is Uva!!! I’m glad that he got made. Mostly because I’m tired of Dopants and Imagins. Costs ¥3,465 in August.

Let me ramble for a while about this “Attack of the Bandai’s Figuarts”. Yeah, it’s Star Wars now. For Ichigo and Amazon, I’m glad they’re being made since this is a friggin’ anniversary year. I believe Amazon was made because he had a guest appearence in KR Decade like BLACK did. Other Figuarts are FUCKIN’ AWESOME.

Ryuki, even though I’m glad he’s being made, is a bit disappointment. First, this is obviously Bandai laughing to those who buy figma Dragon Knight. Second, I’d rather they finish the old series before moving on to the new series. Old doesn’t mean Showa series, but series that has Figuarts release. I’m currently waiting for SHF Agito Shining Form, whenever that’ll be made. Using a new mold would cost a lot of money, and if they using the old mold to finish older series, they’ll save some money. Third, NO SUPER SENTAI. I would still give this a chance, until Tamashii Show in August are held. If the show doesn’t show any new Sentai Figuarts, I would be VERY pissed. Further pissed that Shinkenger are the only ones that are made for now. If Bandai wants more money, make SHF Gokaiger and Gorangers, because this is a FRIGGIN’ ANNIVERSARY YEAR. And if they want even more money, make SHF Zyuranger and other that got Power Rangers Adaptations. Oh well, we just have to wait……


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