SH Figuarts NEW Den-O Trilogy ver. NEWs!!!

Thanks to folks at the, we finally have the official packaging of NEW Den-O Strike Form!

As you can see, he comes with Matcheteddy, Den-Gasher, Uratazao, Kintaono, Rider Pass, the Den-Gasher belt (2 versions) and a total of 6 hands (2 relaxed, 2 weapon, 1 snapping finger, one belt/pass holding).

We haven’t got the official box, but I think it’ll be the same as OOO’s.

He has new shoulder pads system, which is connected to the chest plate and uses a ball joint for free movement.

The hips are modified too, the old one uses a Souchaku Henshin style, but the new ones uses Faiz’s Figuarts style.

The visor is new as well, resembling more to the actual suit. The old one has a curved visor.

Matcheteddy is movable too.

I already have my pre-order on this guy (my very first preorder!) so I can’t wait for when it ships to my house!


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