Sengal Rambles

It all started when I was boring and decided to search the wonderful world of Internet (crappy). Eventually I found this video titled Review: S.H.Figuarts Double CycloneCyclone and JokerJoker DX Set by the ever popular ShukuenShinobi. I wasn’t really interested in toys at the time, but for boring’s sake I watched it. Thanks to his awesome review I’ve become addicted and watched more of his reviews and when I go shopping I saw an MG Figurerise KR W CycloneJoker. I asked the clerk if they got any stock but they say he’ll be arriving in 2 months. By December, I finally decided to buy a Figuarts instead (after watching more of his reviews, of course). Unfortunately, when searching at a normal collector’s shop, they only have EXCLUSIVES. Rising Mighty Kuuga, Nasca Dopant, DiEnd Completeand other bunch of exlusive shit. That’s how I got DiEnd Complete because I haven’t seen it yet.

By the time my examination results came out, I got good results (4 out of 8 A’s), and my parents promised me to buy 2 Figuarts. But becuase my mom pay for DiEnd who costs 75 dollars and shit, she only gives me the cheapest ones. My dad still let me buy any Figuarts though. So I search for another collector’s shop and they have lots of Figuarts. I tried score for Joker, but he’s sold out. NEW Den-O is there too but he costs MYR 800. Shit. Then, since the store closes early, I’ve decided to buy CJX and Niigo.

Enough rambling about my origins, now here’s the point: I’m not ShukuenShinobi who aims to collect ALLFiguarts. But I still have my own target though. Aside from collecting my favourite Rider or Sentai, I aimed to collect all of the Rider’s Final Forms. As far as I know, only Kuuga Ultimate, Faiz Blaster, Hyper Kabuto, Kiva Emperor, Decade Complete, W CJX and unknown OOO ultimate form (he will be, trust me). So if I can, I’ll collect them. Also I will try to collect G3-X, Exceed Gills, AccelTrial as they are also ultimate forms, but I’m not sure if I can. The movie Riders are also too, since my DiEnd Complete needs these guys. G4, Caucasus and Skull I believe. I’ll be definitely get Black RX and Black and Joker, as well as all the Shinkenger. But for Shinkenger, I’m not sure, I think I’ll only get Red and Gold. Also I hope they release S.H.F. Zyuranger (MMPR) and Goseiger coz’ MMPR are phenomenal and Goseiger are my favourite Sentai series.

As for other toys, I’ll try and see if I can get DecaDriver, Double Driver and OOO Driver once the show is released in Malaysia. I’ll be getting the Super Robot Chogokin Shinken-Oh for sure (also hoping if they could make MMPR Megazord and Gosei Great :p). As for PR toys, I will get the Mega Figures and the Mega Blade for PR Samurai and all of American Goseiger adaptation basic figures.

Oh, since I don’t have any new Figuarts, I’ll be on hiatus. Should I managed to get ShinkenRed or TaToBa or even both, I’ll post a V-Log as quick as possible. Then on April, I’ll be having the most popular reissued Figuarts ever: NEW Den-O Strike Form (Trilogy Ver.). Have a spectacular time, Toku fans!


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