S.H.Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider Kabuto (Hyper Form)

Oh my god. I’ve just got the greatest Figuart yet. Seriously, Kabuto series has amazing designs and all or its Figuarts kick ass too. Not to mention Hyper Kabuto here. The king of awesome. The king of Clock Up. The king of heaven(?). Oh well, grandma says this: If you want to buy Figuarts, get the Final Form ones. And she’s indeed right!

Tendou Souji, the man who walks to the path of heaven, starts collecting Zecters because he belives the only way to save Hiyori is to become the only remaing Rider. He eventually gets all of the Zecters and managed to obtain Perfect and Hyper Zecter as well. With the Hyper Zecter, he can transform into Hyper Form and wields Perfect Zecter, which draws powers from TheBee, Drake, Sasword and Kabuto Zecters.

Review. Hyper Cast Off. Change HYPER BEETLE. The box, as with the new Figuarts boxes, is colored. It is colored in red and black and white letterings, because silver is too weird for lettering. It’s a pretty box there, EXTREMELY pretty. It’s like you wanna kiss em’ everyday.

Hyper Kabuto, even though known for his perfectness, wasn’t really perfect on Figuarts. The only thing that doesn’t make him perfect is that the eyes are blue,  not cyan, although mine’s look cyan enough. Also, the Hyper Zecter is UNPAINTED. Sucks. But he’s just too awesome to call him ‘sucks’. If you have normal Kabuto, I think this is pretty much the same mold, but of course, repainted and put some new armors to make him Hyper. Despite the same mold, he still looks NEW to everyone.

Articulation is normal as other Figuarts. Joints are pretty thight. So I won’t ramble much. They’re pretty basic, anyway. Unlike other Figuarts, he has a PLASTIC FEET. Most Figuarts has diecast feet. Diecast supports more weight and lets you do any pose you want without much trouble. With plastic feet, it doesn’t make him suck, it’s just a lil’ bit hard to made any pose with him. But it doesn’t bother me though.

He has tons of accessories. That’s weird because he only comes packaged in a normal box. Other Figuarts like Kiva Emperor comes with a larger box because of his accessories. Hands, he comes with 2 weapon holding and molester, as well as his famous finger. I would like to point out that his weapon hands doesn’t hold the Perfect Zecter well, and it disappoints me. Even holding it with 2 hands it would still fall off. I guess it’s because the Zecter’s is heavy. He also comes with a RAINBOW-COLORED ENERGY WINGS. Holy crap. A piece of awesomeness.

Overall, it is a wonderful Figuarts ever. He has everything he needs to come with, and he even has some extra accesories! If you’re just a casual collector, GET THIS. Kabuto fans are probably having it already. He’s AWESOME.


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