S.H Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form

The Card-Crown-Wearing Guy....Here it is….. my first S.H.Figuarts  review….. Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form!!!! Yes, this ugly cyan guy just got uglier…. BUT, I say he looks extremely cool in Complete. Still, the Movie Riders power is bothering me as I wanted him to copy the 2nd Rider Ultimate Form powers. Like Exceed Gills, Knight Survive, Garren Jack, Chalice Wild, Hyper Gatack, Zeronos Zero, Rising Ixa and AccelTrial! Well, onto the reviews!!!

Hold on, I think I need to explain a bit about the Figure’s story then I’ll move on. In order to defeat G Den-O, DiEnd uses the K-Touch that he recieves from the former G Den-O (the current one is G Den-O’s Imagin, Eve). He uses it to acces Complete Form which draws powers from Movie Riders: G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc and Skull (wierd since he’s the only good Rider here). Then here it is, the Complete Form.

Onto the review, shall we? First, he comes packaged in a cardboard box because he’s EXCLUSIVE. And every exclusive gets a cardboard box. Then, the real box contains the cyan-colored lettering with a normal silver box. Aside from that, nothing is really special about this box at all.

The details is good. It’s not awesome because the cards on his chest are stickers, and they can fall of anytime. So, I advice to y’all that don’t play with him to much. From the stomach to legs and arms, it is technically the same design as normal DiEnd or rather, Decade Complete. It has the same silver paint, which is just frustrating in terms of design because I was expecting some YELLOW on cuffs, boots, any minor parts that are silver painted. It’s not the Figuarts fault, it’s just the design that’s just loss a lot of colour on it. The chest and head are filled with sticker cards. The K-Touch is painted cyan and all the details are in it. It is still removable but with the grippers sticked to it. Articulation is not bad, the arm is really tight, but the legs are a little bit loose.  Also, due to his shoulder pad, the arm can only turn about 70-80 degrees. The color loss bother me a bit, since it’s just plain. At least decorate the chest and cuffs, Toei. In terms of design, I like this one better, but in terms of color scheme, normal DiEnd is better. Deal with it.

Time for accessories. He has 7 hands: 2 Weapon holding, 2 relaxed, 2 card holding (WTF he doesn’t even come with cards) and a poking hand. Yes, he can pick his nose now (wonder where that is…). He also comes with 2 DiEnDriver, opened and closed. Unfortunately the closed one is useless but I made him dual-wielding the gun instead.

Finally, the thoughts. He is a good Figuart, but I can’t recommend him enough. The reason that I wanted to buy him is because I haven’t seen Complete Form yet. If you really like him, then you’ll get him for sure. Overall, it’s an easy pass, go buy some other exclusives like Eternal or something.


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