S.H Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.)

The 2nd RiderHonestly, I wasn’t even expecting to buy these. I originally wanted to buy Ichigo, but he’s sold out.  So I went to check Black and RX, and they sold out too. Without further ado, I’ll just go on a purchase this instead. I should have gotten V3 or Shocker Riders :(……

Anyway, In The First, unlike the series, Hayato Ichimonji was completely rewritten. Formerly known as Katsuhiko Yano, the lover of Asuka Midorikawa, Katsuhiko was killed by the Shocker Inhumanoid Spider, with his lifeless body recovered and turned into a cyborg similar to Hongo. His brain was altered to believe he was a man named Ichimonji Hayato in competition for Asuka’s affection. Like all Inhumanoids created by Shocker, Ichimonji suffers the wasting disease that results from being experimented on and needs a transfusion only Shocker scientists can execute to survive. Ichimonji originally served as Hongo’s enemy, and later as a hesitant ally who fights to uphold his own principles. He disappears at the end of the movie, leaving his helmet on the road.

Review start! Detail wise, he has everything he needs or rather, paint jobs, etc. His green is metallic, and it’s lime green, not autumn green like Cyclone side from Double. His head is really detailed, even the compound eyes astound me. He doesn’t even have shoulder pads. Even the Shocker logo is present in his gloves and back. Articulation is standard as all other Figuarts, and his pretty tight. My type of tight (WTF?). So I won’t go much into that. He can do a couple of dynamic poses, especially with a Tamashii Stage (I’ll probably be getting them mid-year).

Accessories, as he is the 2nd Rider, he doesn’t have weapons, but he has 3 sets of hands: 2 molester, 2 karate chop/pose, and I think 2 choking hands/boob molester (Yes he and Ichigo is pervert). He also has 2 scarfs, one normal, and one blowing for Rider Kick, etc. I would like to point out that his left hand’s wrist joints are sometimes fall off when you switch hands.

Overall, he is nice. I still like DiEnd better, given that Niigo is just a palete swap of Ichigo. Furthermore, I don’t really dig the green coloring on him, and I like Ichigo better because he’s blue and PINK eyes. If you’re a fan of  The First and The Next, get Ichigo or V3 or even Shocker Riders (because their colour scheme is GOLD).  I can only recommend him if you buy him alongside Ichigo or the Cyclone bike. That’s all.

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