Sengal Rambles: Hi…… I guess…….

So I was going to make toy reviews and lookie here, the package has arrived! Technically I bought it from the store, not online, since I only buy online if I’m 18 (2 years left!!). Well, here it is, the S.H.Figuarts:

Bought from XL-Shop.Com:

– S.H Figuarts Exclusive: Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form

From Time Machine KL:

-S.H Figuarts :Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.)

-S.H Figuarts: Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme

-S.H Figuarts: Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form

I’ll explain about why I got Niigo – I originally wanted to purchase either Black, RX, or Ichigo (The First Ver.) but all of them are sold out. Fantastic. Well, stay tuned for my first review: DiEnd Complete!!!


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